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Vaccines are vital for protecting your pet from several significant diseases and health issues. However, knowing which vaccines to get can be challenging if you are a new pet owner. South 40 Veterinary Hospital in College Station, TX, provides multiple core and non-core dog and cat vaccinations to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy in the future. We are here to tell you about our cat and dog vaccinations and how they can save your pet’s life from potentially lethal illness.

Rabies Vaccinations

Rabies vaccinations are often mandatory in multiple states since preventing this deadly disease is a priority. Rabies is a highly contagious disease that can even be life-threatening for humans. The rabies vaccine is an effective preventive measure that your vet near me can administer annually or every three years, depending on the vaccine’s type.

Feline and Canine Distemper Vaccine

Essential cat and dog vaccinations include the distemper vaccine. Both cats and dogs can get distemper, but the disease works differently for each. Feline distemper resides in infected soil and can get passed through infected materials or parasites, while canine distemper gets passed between dogs through airborne droplets. Distemper is a contagious condition that can result in death, particularly in kittens. Pets can get the vaccine at around six weeks. They will then receive a shot every three weeks until they reach 20 weeks.

Feline FIV

Our veterinarian highly recommends your pet receive this non-core vaccine since feline FIV is a common disease with significant health consequences. FIV attacks a cat’s immune system and leaves it more vulnerable to other infections, even resulting in premature death. While this illness is highly contagious, you can minimize its impact through vaccination and sterilization.


Bordetella, or kennel cough, is a condition of the upper respiratory system that can cause severe health issues. Common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, sinus discharge, and sneezing. Pet daycares and shelters often require this vaccine since Bordetella can quickly spread amongst boarded pets. Your vet near me can administer the vaccine once your pet reaches one month old, followed by boosters in the following two years.

Feline Calicivirus Vaccine

Feline calicivirus is a contagious virus that causes respiratory infection and oral disease in cats. Vaccinations for this illness are given at six weeks, followed by two monthly boosters. Your veterinarian will administer another dose after one year, followed by every three years afterward.


Another elective vaccine you should consider for your pet is the herpesvirus vaccine. This virus can cause several health issues, including:

•           Breathing complications

•           Weakness

•           Tiredness

•           Odorless green or grayish-yellow stools

•           Diarrhea

•           Rashes

•           Eye swelling and discharge

•           Thick nasal discharge

Protect Your Pet’s Health by Getting Core Vaccines at South 40 Veterinary Hospital

Vaccines are crucial for protecting your pet from several severe and potentially life-threatening illnesses, so contact South 40 Veterinary Hospital in College Station, TX, to get your pet vaccinated today. We can maintain your pet’s health and well-being with several core and non-core vaccinations, so call us and schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at (979) 977-0711.

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