Cat Vaccinations

The Importance of Kitten Vaccination

At South 40 Veterinary Hospital, we are a veterinarian office providing care to pet owners in College Station, TX, and all surrounding communities. We provide a variety of pet care needs including preventative care such as kitten vaccines. If you own a kitten, getting the proper vaccines helps keep your pet safe and protects him from common illnesses. With the proper vaccinations, your kitten is protected from common and dangerous ailments such as distemper. Here are some reasons why kitten vaccines are important.

Cat Vaccination

The Benefits of Kitten Vaccines

Here are some of the benefits of kitten vaccinations:

●             Protect from Illnesses: Illnesses such as distemper can be fatal to cats if contracted. By having your cat properly vaccinated, you help protect him from these conditions. Even non-lethal illnesses can reduce your cat’s quality of life and proper preventive care helps prevent this.

●             Protect the Community: By getting your kitten vaccinated, you can help prevent the spread of illnesses in the local pet community. Various illnesses can easily spread among the pets in the general area and if one pet becomes infected, others can quickly become ill, especially if the ailment is contagious.

●             Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life: To help your cat live a long and healthy life, you should stay current on healthcare needs such as checkups and vaccinations and this starts when your cat is a kitten. The earliest vaccines your kitten receives can help to protect him from dangerous illnesses including feline distemper and more. If exposed to these dangerous ailments, vaccinations help keep your kitten safe.

Get Kitten Vaccines, Preventive Care, and Veterinarian Care from a Vet Near You to Help Protect Your Pet against Distemper

At South 40 Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to providing our pets with the veterinary care they need. When you need a vet in College Station, TX, to help your pet stay healthy and treat any healthcare needs, we are here to help. We offer a full range of vet services including common checkups, vaccination, preventive care, illness treatment, surgery, and emergency services for when you need a vet the most. If you need a vaccination for your kitten or other healthcare needs, reach out to us today at (979) 977-0711 to schedule your appointment. Contact us for kitten vaccines and veterinarian care from a vet near you to help protect your pet against distemper.

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  • Today was my first time going to this vet. I had the most amazing experience. The staff was so sweet and listened to everything I had to say. Dr Gordon took his time to speak with me and just address everything I brought up. They were gentle with my kitten and showered her with love. I definitely recommend this vet to anyone looking for a new one. They have made me a returning customer after today! Thank you South 40!

    - Jenna N. Show More
  • South 40 Vet is an excellent facility with very caring staff. Our older Westie was gravely ill last December, and Dr. Lee diagnosed and treated her back to health. He saved her life! Now at 13 1/2 years old, she acts and looks younger, due to the ongoing medical regimen and diet that he has her on. Thanks, Dr. Lee!

    - Marilyn M. Show More
  • Love love love Dr. Lee. He cared for our fur baby during an emergency situation. Went above and beyond. The staff brings you in and treats you like family. We’ve never been rushed out of a room or had a question go unanswered.

    - Becca K.