Digital ultrasound


If your veterinarian detects a mass, painful area, abnormal fluid, or tissue thickening in your pet's abdominal cavity through palpation, ultrasound can offer precise visual details about the area of interest and further characterize it's location, size, and origin. Depending on these findings, your veterinarian might suggest biopsy, surgery, ongoing observation, or other suitable treatments.


Dental radiographs

Dental radiographs complete examination of the oral cavity by visualization of the bone and tissue encompassing the teeth and surrounding structures. They enable veterinarians to evaluate the patient's dental health comprehensively, complementing an anesthetized oral examination to make well-informed decisions about treatment strategies.

CT Scans


The CT Machine, also known as a "cat scan" takes our diagnostic abilities way beyond where they were before! This three dimensional modality allows us to evaluate radiographic images in cross section. 

The high-resolution images produced by a CT machine help evaluate your pet's anatomy in detail, details that we are not able to see with standard x-rays. CT scanners provide excellent detail of bony and soft tissue structures in the body.

Digital radiology

Digital radiography is the quickest way we can get a global picture of anatomic regions of the body. In less than minutes, we can capture these images of your pet's injury or area of concern. This allows us to diagnose fractures, obstructions in the abdomen, and further evaluate lungs or cardiovascular concerns. 


Endoscopy can aid in diagnosing gastrointestinal problems, respiratory tract issues, and other conditions. It is also a minimally invasive method to remove foreign objects from the stomach. This investigative tool aids us in visualization of areas that other imaging modalities aren't able to provide.

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